Budweiser is Vying to be “Official” Beer Of Utah

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Budweiser wants to be Utah’s official state beer, suggests can with Delicate Arch and LDS temple
Utah’s official can art. The Salt Lake Tribune

The “king of beers” is trying to become the “official beer” of the Beehive state. Anheuser Busch InBev, the company that owns Budweiser, Is vying for this title. They are attempting to do this through an advertising campaign, including this hilarious star-studded T.V. Commercial. Consumers will cast votes through Twitter, using a specific hashtag, that will be counted in a running total. If 84,899 tags are acquired on Twitter, which is the size of UT in square miles, Utah will be the first state in the nation to have a Budweiser can be dedicated to them.

blue and pink love me text
Get you a little neon tan drinking some Budweiser. Unsplash

Anheuser Busch InBev created custom can art to use if this is to be made official. The cans celebrate Utah’s splendor including snow sports, fishing, biking, and hiking. We can’t forget to mention the beautiful mountain landscapes Utah has to offer. From the Wasatch front to the natural arches of canyon country. The beehive state is just Bea”UTAH”ful if you ask me.

Budweiser bottle on brown wooden table
The King of beers looking mighty tasty. Unsplash

It has been brought to my attention that no state has an “official” beer to call their own. Even if it’s not official yet, Colorado will always be the land of Coors to me, whether banquet or silver bullet. Tap the Rockies! Although I would love to see Budweiser make cans for more states, as I am a fan of the art style and like a good looking can. I feel it will also be a good conversation starter, as everyone gets fluent in the story of each can.

The Salt Lake Tribune

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