How to Build a Rescue Sled with Your Skis:

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If you’re in the backcountry and one of your partners gets hurt, you’re best bet on getting them to definitive care is building a rescue sled from your skis.  Once built, you can throw your buddy on the sled and start dragging him/her out to safety.

Brooks Range rescue sled setup.
Brooks Range rescue sled setup.

WIthout a rescue sled, you really don’t have an efficient of extracting an injured skier/rider from the backcountry.  Hypothermia sets in quickly on an injured human.  Leaving someone out overnight while you go to get help isn’t a great option.  Thus, we need to know how to build a rescue sled and get our patient out.

learn more about Brooks Range’s rescue sled setup:

Both of these videos display products that you may not have but watching them will get your mind in the right place to create a sled with your own skis.  After watching these videos, we recommend getting your gear out and making a sled out of your skis at home.  If it doesn’t work quite right, go out and get the gear needed to finish the job and keep that gear with you whenever you ski out of bounds.

One great tip:  if your skis don’t have holes in the tips and tails, you can just drill them in there yourself.

Many different ways to build a rescue sled from skis. more info about this setup:
Many different ways to build a rescue sled from skis. more info about this setup:

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4 thoughts on “How to Build a Rescue Sled with Your Skis:

  1. For AT pin-tech style back country skis, there is a new device out there that snaps directly into the pin-tech bindings, saving time making a sled. The Snap Evac device makes a solid sled, and they are introducing a model this year with a full bivy wrap component.

    1. With a split board I think the process would be similar. I think the key is too get all your gear out and see what kind of a sled you can create. thanks, miles.

    2. If you are snowborder and if you have another snowborder in your group, you could make simpe (and comfortable 😉 ) sled. You need 2 snowboards, a long rope (about 10 meters), a pair of trekking poles or some handles from avalanche shovels or another kind of strong sticks.
      Put snowboards together (front edges together) , high-backs should be raised and located out from your sled. Put 2-3 sticks on the bindings and tie them with snowboards by the rope. Fix backpack with some extra clothes above bindings – sled will be soft, so you could enjoy evacuation 😉
      Sorry for my English, I am russian skier. 🙂

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