Bull Moose Killed by Snowmaking Cables at Keystone Resort, CO

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Bull moose. Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

A bull moose was killed at Keystone Resort, CO, last week after it got caught up in wires connected to snowmaking equipment, Jason Blevins reports for the Colorado SunResort workers discovered the moose caught up in the wires.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials said the animal died from “capture myopathy” which is muscle damage from extreme exertion, struggle, or stress as a result of being restrained.

A CPW spokesman said it was “a unique, highly rare situation that nobody I have spoken with inside CPW has ever seen happen before.” The meat from the Keystone moose was given to a nearby nonprofit.

“As a moose gets wrapped up in something like that, it will pull and thrust around harder and harder to try to break free and tangle themselves even more.”

– CPW spokesman

Officials are working with the resort to prevent the incident from ever happening again.

“This was a sad and rare accident. Even still, we are looking at more we can do in the future to prevent rare events like this from happening at all. We notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife immediately when the moose was discovered and removed the moose under their guidance and direction.”

– Lindsay Hogan with Vail Resorts in an emailed statement

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Keystone trail map

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