Burger Fans Rejoice! 2nd In-N-Out Burger Coming to Colorado Soon

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burgers and fries inside box
In N Out Burger finally makes it to the Centennial state, opening soon. Unsplash

Colorado burger fans were already pleased to get the news of a first In-N-Out burger restaurant back in 2017. They will be even happier when they read this article and get the news of a second location coming to the Centennial state. Both locations will be in the Colorado Springs area, as well as making “The Springs” its regional headquarters. Plans for an office building, patty production plant and distribution center are all in the works for the future.

low-angle photo of In-n-Out Burger drive through signage
In N Out’s famous signage with the typical palm trees nearby from their pioneer days in warmer climates of California. Unsplash

The first location is under construction with a projected opening in late 2020, located near Interquest and Voyager Parkways. The second location is planned to be 3,879 sq ft, with a patio, drive-thru, and seats for 124 people. They will be ripping down an existing Outback Steakhouse restaurant to build this new location from scratch, near Powers Blvd and Constitution Ave. Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2021 for the second restaurant, and potentially open that fall.

French fries and hamburgers on tray
Animal style or regular? Some long time patrons may know of a secret menu to order from? If you know, you know. Unsplash

I know some folks are pretty excited for the new chain to arrive, including myself as a Colorado resident. We finally have answers to the question many have been asking for years, of when might In N Out Burger be coming to our state? The Closest location to Colorado has been in Salt Lake City, UT, which I have always made a point to stop at with every ski trip to the Wasatch. It’s going to be pretty interesting seeing their famous signage with a backdrop of pine trees! Enjoy!

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