Burton Snowboards Responds to Rumor That They’re For Sale

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Burton HQ. Burlington VT.
Burton HQ. Burlington VT. Photo: Nick DeRiso

Whether it’s climate change, inclusion in snowsports, or equality in the workplace, Donna Carpenter has never been afraid to take a stand. And now, she’s undoubtedly taken a stand against the latest rumor and talk that Burton Snowboards is for sale. A sale that reportedly could fetch upwards of $800 million.

Bloomberg thought they had broken a big story on August 17th, reporting the iconic snowboard brand Burton is shopping around, seeking to sell the company. The article cited unnamed sources and disclosed Burton is working with an adviser on the potential divestment. Drawing interest from buyout firms. Fake news?

Donna Carpenter, Burton CEO, and wife of the company’s late founder Jake Burton clapped back and quickly shut down the rumors, declaring the company is not for sale and will remain privately held. Since then, Bloomberg has added a quote from Carpenter after the piece was published. But stick by their reporting and have left the story live. The chair of the Burton Board of Directors drove her message home on Instagram with a certain finger in addition to saying;

“Since the beginning of owning this company, there’s always been rumors about us selling. So many that one year, we made t-shirts that said ‘Not for sale!’ A recent report came out that we’re for sale. It is 100% bullshit. It was for a nice price, but as I’ve always said, we are family-owned and will remain family-owned.” – Donna Carpenter

Per Snowboard Mag, Donna also sent a company-wide email to Burton’s employees:

Hello Burton Global,

About an hour ago, Bloomberg News posted an article titled Snowboard Maker Burton Seeks Sale That Could be Valued at $800 Million. I wanted to personally tell you all that this is bullshit. Burton is absolutely NOT for sale.

Since we started Burton, there have been rumors that we’re selling the company. We even made T-shirts at tradeshows back in the day that said, ‘No we’re not selling to Nike.’

We have no idea where this rumor came from, but it is completely false. (I have to say, it was for a good price so you all are doing a really great job (:

Seriously, as I’ve said a number of times, Burton will remain family-owned and privately held.

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  1. So it’s not true, Burton is not for sale. Explain the reason for Snowbrains posting the same crap twice in 4 days? Does the staff even look at what’s been posted? Or you just copy & paste the other persons material with a new name. Continue working for free while the owner of the site is skiing the world on you dime. LOL

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