‘Busch Snow Day’ – Falling Snow = Falling Beer Prices!

Jacqui Davis |
Busch Snow Day Map IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook

Cold beer and a day on the slopes go together like Bogey and Bacall, Tom and Jerry, Martha and Snoop … . The clever, and risk-taking marketing team at Anheuser-Busch have come up with a campaign that is sure to entice beer drinkers in snowy cities across the USA. Dubbed ‘Busch Snow Day,’ the company will give you $1 off Busch beer for every inch of snow that falls in these 7 States:

Des Moines, Iowa
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Fargo, North Dakota
Omaha, Nebraska
Buffalo, New York
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Interactive billboards are installed in each of these cities and the company has set up a microsite so fans can see the expected savings. Follow the steps on their site for rebates, which you’ll need for the discount. Rebates can be entered anytime until March 21st, and you’ll receive money back shortly after that date.

“There’s not much worse than a snowstorm hitting and your stock of Busch being low, so this is a fun way to make our fans’ lives a little easier this season in those snowy cities.”

– Daniel Blake, senior director of marketing at Anheuser-Busch

Cheap cold beer dependent on snowfall? For skiers and riders, I’d say that’s win/win. The next time you dip into the bar between runs for a cold one, maybe a Busch is in order. Cheers!

“Crisp and cold as a mountain stream.” IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook

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