Butt Naked Skiing: Freedom at its Finest

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butt naked freedom
So majestic… Credit: Sweetgrass Productions

What is it about winter sports that makes you want to shed everything and fly down a mountain butt naked?  The thrill. The freedom.  And don’t forget the G.N.A.R points.  The tradition of butt naked skiing is alive and well these days.  From Squallywood to Russia, getting rad in your birthday suit is a badge of honor.  Let’s take a look at how this liberating activity has become what it is today.

The History of the “Butt Naked”

On Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, the Unofficial Game of G.N.A.R. commenced.  Among the various point-earning tasks was the ‘Butt Naked’.  Complete any full line butt naked and earn 5,000 G.N.A.R points.  If you are jailed, lose your pass, or your clothes are stolen, you lose all your points. Needless to say, things got rowdy.  By 2:30 PM Squaw was absolutely littered with man butt. The game of G.N.A.R. would influence future naked skiers for years to come.

G.N.A.R butt naked
The legendary Butt Naked in its most glorious form. Image: G.N.A.R

In 2013, VALHALLA made waves with its entire segment of naked skiers and snowboarders.  It was clear that this liberating experience is highly contagious.  Shane would be so proud.


The “BN” Today

The Butt Naked is a tradition that is upheld to this day by all those rad and courageous.  Major props to the legendary naked backflip girl


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Naked skiing and snowboarding have reached as far as Russia. They may not be completely naked, but I’d say it’s close enough.  Grelka Fest is an insane Russian festival where 1,500 skiers and riders party all day basically naked.  Rodion Kirpichikov a participant of the Grelka Fest explained,

“Emotions are overflowing.  The sun is like Thailand, the snow is like the Alps, the party is like Ibiza.”

Grelka Fest Butt Naked
Grelka Fest is evidence that Russians know how to party. Image: Gesh

So make sure you work on your “butt naked” physique this summer.  There’s just no better way to embrace the cold, leave your worries (and clothes) behind, and show the world what you’re workin’ with.

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