Cabin Fever Days: The Legend Of The Barstool Ski Races.

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Skiing has a long history of boozed up shenanigans. From Saucer Boy to the Shot-Ski to the Pond Skim. Drinking beer, getting wild, and celebrating the ski culture is very well ingrained into the history of the sport. One of the greatest of these fun-loving traditions is the Barstool Ski Races.

The Barstool Ski Race was born in a bar on the outskirts of Glacier National Park. During Apres ski in the small town of Martin City, Montana, skiers would often find themselves in the local bars heckling the non-skiing regulars for not taking advantage of the miracle of skiing. One night in the Belton Chalet bar, a rather intoxicated fellow made a bet that he could smoke the skiers in a race with just his barstool mounted to skis. The following shenanigans sparked the invention of the barstool ski race. 41 years later, the races are still alive and well!

It’s all part of the fun! Daily Interlake

Today the barstool races are the main attraction to the Cabin Fever Days. An annual event held every February in Martin City. All of the proceeds of the event go to the local community, funding fire departments, rescue teams, and youth programs. The races are a great way to bring the community together while giving back to meaningful causes. But more than that, It’s a hootin’ hollerin’ good time!

There are three divisions in the races. Steerable, Non-Steerable, and Show. The first two are fairly self-explanatory. Show is the creative division. Anything goes as long as there are barstools and skis involved!

“The Non-Steerable class is where the rodeo breaks out, lots of them end up crashing into hay bales, but every once in awhile you get one that goes straight and they end up winning.” -Monte Pruett, Owner of the South Fork Saloon. (Powder Magazine)

This guy knows how it’s done! Mashable

If you happen to be in the Martin City area this February, be sure to get involved in the festivities! The event is scheduled to take place February 8th-10th, 2019.

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