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Happy Monday everyone, and happy Veteran’s Day to all those Vets out there. Now that it is Monday, it’s time for Music Mondays once more, and this week we bring you Cage the Elephant from Bowling Green, Kentucky. After seeing large International success in 2008 with songs such as “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”, and “Back Against the Wall”, most of us have heard at least a song or two from Cage the Elephant, however a large swath of their catalogue remains lightly listened to. With a garage rock sound and elements of punk, blues, and indie, Cage the Elephant deserves a second look from fans and critics alike.

Cage the Elephant formed in 2006 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and released their debut album Cage the Elephant in 2008 to massive success in England. While initial chart success in England is unusual, it happened and shortly after the band gained massive success in the U.S. Their second studio album, Thank You, Happy Birthday also saw much success and critical acclaim. In October of 2013 Cage released their third album Melophobia, continuing their garage rock sound and bluesy elements. Now while a vast majority of us have heard of Cage the Elephant by now, I think they deserve a closer look beyond their radio hits. So sit back and enjoy some amazing music from Cage the Elephant.

Best Tracks

  • Aberdeen
  • Shake Me Down
  • Back Against The Wall
  • Drones in the Valley
  • Come a little Closer

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