California Creates Office of Outdoor Recreation

Kristen Strom |
Mountain Biking Summer
Mountain Biking in Mammoth. Image: Mammoth Mountain/Trek Bicycle

California has a $92 billion outdoor industry that the state legislature officially recognized and passed a bill to create the Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation on August 29th, 2018. This will lead to increased participation and activity in the outdoors for Californians. It also promotes a healthy environment for businesses and companies to get involved in for funding and promoting. California is the 8th state to create the Outdoor Recreation Legislature through a state office.

California has it all, beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, parks, and state parks and the legislature is looking to protect and preserve the states beautiful land. This will also help bring together all different kinds of outdoor supporters from surfers to mountain bikers to skiers to help promote California’s outdoor diversity in its activities. California’s outdoor recreation economy is the largest of any state, so it’s extremely exciting to wait and see what the legislative leaders will do to promote the outdoors in California.

Once California’s new Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation is up and running, the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) will work hard to further promote and expand the outdoor industry in California. OIA will also continue to work hard to identify more states capable of taking on an office of outdoor recreation.

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