California To Build Wildlife Bridge To Save Mountain Lions

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Mountain Lion
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These days, endangerment and extinction is the reality for many animals worldwide. In that category, falls mountain lions. Mountain lions (otherwise known as cougars) in California are facing the threat of extinction as a result of inbreeding. Inbreeding is the breeding between related animals. Over time this can be harmful for a species which leads to endangerment.

To solve this problem, California campaigners are working together to build wildlife bridge over the 101 Freeway. While it may seem impractical, traffic is a very serious threat to California mountain lions. According to Patch News, 107 mountain lions were killed by cars in 2016 alone. In 2016, a mountain lion which was a mother of 3 cubs was also killed. Kittens often haven’t developed the hunting skills to survive alone, states Patch News.

Every year, 400 million animals fall victim to roadkill according to Culture Change. To prevent the extinction of California mountain lions, a proposal of a wildlife bridge over the 101 Freeway is taking place.

In order to make the bridge realistic for the mountain lions, it will have trees planted and rocks dispersed throughout. It will also have a fence barrier to guarantee the safety of any wildlife traveling across. The bridge will be made from steel and concrete to ensure strength.

The bridge will impersonate nature to help persuade animals to use it instead of crossing the freeway.

Although the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has already agreed to put $7 million towards the project, another $27 million is needed to start on the project in fall.

The demand to build the bridge came from the observation of the declining cougar population. Because of the freeway splitting up land, low genetic diversity is being achieved, leading to the probability for extinction being at 28% in the next 50 years.

Due to inbreeding which leads to low genetic diversity, cougars threat of extinction is more realistic everyday.

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7 thoughts on “California To Build Wildlife Bridge To Save Mountain Lions

  1. Nevada DOT has 3 wildlife crossing bridges near Wells NV. 2 cross I-80 3rd is on the local road to ID just north of Wells.

  2. Another genius idea coming out of the great state of CA.
    Have you guys gotten rid of your Gov yet?
    Solved your water crises?
    Solved your homeless problem?
    Solved your income inequality problem (worst in the country)?

    I mean 40-50 years of 1 party rule of Democrats should have fixed all this right?

    1. Wildlife over/under passes across highways have overall been hugely successful in their purpose all around the world… what makes you think it would be any different in this situation?

      (I do agree with you that other situations such as the ones you listed also need more attention/action)

      1. Derrrrr lets spend $87m to save a species that is not even close to being endangered from extinction.

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