California’s First Official Cycling Route Will Start in South Lake Tahoe

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Just this week, the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) announced the addition of a new cycling route in California. While this will be the first official route to traverse the width of California, the Adventure Cycling Association has already constructed bike routes in 29 other states across the U.S.

This 233-mile route will commence in South Lake Tahoe and traverse through incredible scenery across the state until reaching its end destination in San Francisco. Along the way, riders will ascend and descend through the Sierra Nevada, cruise along the delta in Sacramento, and hop on a ferry to cross the San Francisco Bay to complete the route.

cycle route
The new California route is in pink. Photo credit: ACA

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and ACA work in tandem to plan, construct, and maintain all U.S. Bicycle Routes. With their planned route for California, the USBR will now only be one state away from spanning across the United States. This route will also connect with the ACA’s pre-existing USBR 50, which spans the width of Nevada. Now, a route traversing across Colorado is all that is needed to link the East and West coast through an official USBR bike trail.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging everyone to find new and creative ways to spend their recreation and vacation time. Many people have turned to the bicycle for daily commuting, recreation, and tourism. State departments of transportation are committed to providing more travel options to get people where they want to go. And with the addition of U.S. Bicycle Routes in California and Wisconsin, there are now 29 states that are part of the USBRS, which is connecting communities both large and small and urban and rural.”

– AASHTO executive director, Jim Tymon

Since international travel is out of the picture at the moment, it might be time to saddle up and head out for a great American bike-packing adventure!

Photo credit: ACA

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