VIDEO: If You’re Going to Go BIG Make Sure the Cameraman is Ready for You

Steven Agar |

If you’re going to send it big, it’s generally a good idea to be sure things are dialed in with the GoPro cameraman. Especially if you’re going to huck something as massive as Jonathan Jean did on his snowmobile, posts TGR.

Rightfully hooting and hollering after clearing such terrifying gap, Jean finds the rest of his crew a little less celebratory. Their awkward silence is broken with the shout of what no professional athlete wants to hear: “Nobody shot it”.

GoPro, snowmobiler, miscommunication, cameraman
Pics or it didn’t happen… Credit: GoPro

Ouch. That probably hurt more for the Canadian than if he had actually ate it on the landing. Not to fear, watch as the snowmobiler courageously takes one for the team, and hits the jump once again. This time with the cameraman actually behind the lens instead of cleaning it.

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