Can You Train For a Ski Marathon in 10 Days — Day 4

Julia Schneemann | LaughsLaughs
Till and Wolf
Till and Wolf in good spirits before they set out on training run 4. | Picture: Till Schneemann

We are following Till and Wolf on their — hopefully successful — journey to competing in a cross-country endurance race. Neither of them has cross-country-skied before, and they only have ten days to get ready for the marathon-length race. Follow our real-time blog to participate in their journey to the 53rd Engadin Ski Marathon.

Day 4: The Aftermath of the Folly

After a rather ambitious training day for both of them, with Wolf going 16 miles and Till going 19 miles, we are suffering the aftermath of those escapades today. Wolf has had three Epsom salt baths in 24 hours; I am contemplating buying shares in a salt mine.

They briefly set off on a run, but the first one was interrupted by the women’s race being held, and I had to come by car to rescue the stranded bunch. They set out again later but struggled today after yesterday’s big training session.

Day 4: Training Summary 


Distance: 12 miles (19.2 km)

Pace: 6:44 Minute/Mile (4:54 Minute/km)


Distance: 9 miles (14.4 km)

Pace: unknown

Elevation Gain: 99ft (30m)

Damage: so, so sore

Lessons learned: maybe a rest day is in order

Till’s Polar tracking for Sunday, March 5, 2023. | Picture: Till Schneemann

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