Old Farmer’s Almanac 2018/19 Prediction for Canada – It’s Good!

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The word ‘snowy’ seems to feature a lot! Credit: Old Farmer’s Almanac

Using their ‘Secret Formula’, which dates back to 1792 and boasts 80% accuracy, the Old Farmer’s Almanac just published their predictions for the upcoming winter in Canada, and it’s good. Mirroring what the Farmer’s Almanac (yeah I know right, confusing!) predicted, we can expect north of the border to be super cold, and super snowy. Yay!

Mostly cold: Thanks to a decrease in solar activity and the weak El Niño moving in, we are predicting colder-than-normal winter temperatures for most of the country. The exceptions to this are northern Atlantic Canada, where temperatures will be milder than normal, and Pacific Canada and the southern two-thirds of Ontario, where temperatures are expected to be within the normal range.

…and more snowy than normal: An above-normal level of snowfall is predicted for all of the country this winter. Prepare the sleds and snowplows!

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