Plane or Train Travelers Required to Show Proof of Vaccination in Canada

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Flying within Canada will require a vaccine.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that all air travelers and passengers on interprovincial trains must be vaccinated against covid-19. The rule for all travelers 12 and older will begin on October 30th.

“For the vast vast majority of people, the rules are very simple to travel: you’ve got to be vaccinated.”

– Justin Trudeau

There will be a month’s grace period for those who are in the process of getting vaccinated if they can show a negative covid test within 72 hours of travel, but only through Nov. 30.  

“By the end of November, if you’re 12 or older and want to fly or take the train, you’ll have to be fully vaccinated. This is about keeping people safe on the job, and in their communities.”

– Justin Trudeau

The government requires employers in the federally regulated air, rail, and marine transportation sectors to establish vaccine mandates by Oct. 30, reports USA Today.

More than 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated, and 86% of over 12s have had the first jab.

The United States currently does not require vaccinations for domestic flights.

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