How Canadian Is This? | The Electric Snow Machine of the Future:

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How Canadian is this thing?

This snow machine looks incredible.  It’s just a track with a handle.  That’s it.

It’s clearly light enough to be easily steered and manipulate and strong enough to pull people and equipment.  The thing is 100% electric.  It supposedly last from 45kms to 210kms, depending on the battery opted for.  The battery takes from 15 minutes to 8 hours to charge, again depending on the battery chosen.

The motor and battery are enclosed inside the track and there are a ton of attachments for this beast.  It can become a lightweight snowmobile and much more.

You can even plug electric equipment.  It’s called the MTT – 136.  MTT stand for My Track Technology.

We aren’t sure how thing will work going uphill in fresh snow, but it looks like it’d be worth a try.

We want one.

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