Canadian Police End Search for Missing Australian Hiker

Spencer Miller |
Sophie and Gregory. Photo courtesy of Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Australian Sophie Dowsley (34) and and Canadian Gregory Tiffin (44) were last seen on July 8th in the town of Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. before setting off on a day hike…. Two days later, they were reported missing when they did not show up for work, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sprung into action.

Rescue crews later found their SUV and personal belongings near a waterfall by Statlu Lake, an area notorious for difficult trail access.  Neil Brewer, a local rescue official, commented on the location, saying,  “We have not been to that location for close to 20 years, but 20 years ago, we went there three times, three consecutive years, for exactly the same scenario and a fatality each time.”   

Photo courtesy of BC Waterfalls.

This case is unfortunately shaping out in the same pattern, as the Royal Canadian Mountain Police underwater recovery team located Tiffin’s body on July 19.  But Dowsley is yet to be found, and with trace amounts of evidence, the investigation has been called off as of July 24.

For those traveling into the backcountry, it is always a good idea to tell a trustworthy friend or relative where you are planning to be, and for how long, so they can take action as needed.  

SnowBrains would like to extend condolences to those affected by this tragedy.  




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