Candide Thovex Getting Insane Last Week

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This video shows Candide Thovex getting nutty in the park last week in Val Thorens, France.  The guy is a freak.  He doesn’t even need two skis to land big tricks.

On a side note, it looks like the alps have a lot of snow and some great coverage right now, huh?

Candide is certainly in the running for greatest skier of all time.  He’s clearly ridiculous in the park, he’s unreal in the backcountry, he’s won Freeride World Tour, he goes big, he can do all the latest tricks, and he goes big.


Candide Thovex was born in AnnecyHaute-Savoie, and grew up in the village of La Clusaz, France. Thovex learned to ski in theAravis region of the French Alps. Candide started skiing when he was 2 years old. At the age of 8, he entered the Moguls ski club ofLa Clusaz. He became French Moguls champion and professional skier when he was only 14 years old. After this, he got inspired by snowboarding and started looking at skiing in a different way. In 1998, he participated at the first ever ski half pipe and quarter pipe competition in Riksgransen, Sweden, with others pioneers like JP Auclair, JF Cusson, Vincent Dorion and others. In 1999, Candide attended the first ski event at the X Games and placed fourth in the Big Air. Few days after, Candide became better known for being the first person to jump Chad’s Gap. He was convinced by film maker Kris Ostness to go into the backcountry to film Ostness’s film, Clay Pigeons. After Chad Zurinskas failed in his attempt to take the jump, Thovex asked if he could try. Then 16, Candide pulled what at the time was the largest, cleanest mute grab ever recorded. He came back to it the next year and landed a d-spin 720. Candide won Xgames gold for big air in 2000 at the age of 17. He also won gold at the X Games in 2003 for halfpipe[1] and 2007 for slopestyle. His 2007 run was switchup, switchup, 270 off the flat down box, 360 switchup 270 off the trap box. Switch right misty 7 mute, switch cork 9 mute, cork 9 tail, switch 630 on, and switch cork 10 tail.


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