Capturing Stunning Drone Photos and Video Just Got Easier with New Technology from Skydio

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Get ready to be blown away with new drone technology. Credit:

It is hard to deny that some of the most astounding photos and videography come from those captured with a drone. Sure, those POV and follow-camera shots are nice, but they just can’t capture the incredible angles and perspective that a drone can.

Drone technology is continuously changing, and no other company is offering best-in-class software like Skydio. New features and improvements are making it easier for everyone from first-time pilots to seasoned professionals to create incredible visuals. 

Here are the updates that are set to be released this month via the Skydio app. 

Updates to KeyFrame

KeyFrame is the technology that already makes Skydio the best camera drone for dynamic aerial cinematography. It allows the user to define a flight path by setting “key-frames” or flight points for the drone to follow. The software then creates a smooth spline between the points that can be flown repeatedly, with varying degrees of control, speed, and complexity. This grants anyone the ability to capture continuous choreographed shots with advanced audiovisual camera motion.

New camera controls with Key Frame now give the ability for the pilot to adjust the gimbal roll angle. The gimbal roll can now save the roll angle at each keyframe for precise, repeatable flight paths, or it can be adjusted during playback for real-time creative control. 

The gimbal roll on the Skydio 2 is now even better on the Skydio 2+. Credit:

The Dynamic Gimball Roll feature will automatically analyze your flight path and adjust both the camera roll and gimbal pitch as your drone banks around corners and changes speed. This makes it simple to give your cinematography that gliding look and of course it is combined with Skydio’s unmatched obstacle avoidance. 

Additional improvements include the KeyFrame accuracy to allow you to create the identical shot in the same location every time. It is continuously memorizing the flight path and comparing real-time environmental data to previous flights so it can re-adjust every second at the slightest drift. 

Preview of Panorama Photos

Who doesn’t enjoy a good panorama photo? Credit: Skydio

Panoramic photos can be breathtaking, but it can often involve considerable guesswork to finally get the desired view. Now with onboard navigation cameras, your Skydio will show a low-resolution live preview of the image you will be capturing. This ensures you get the desired shot the first time. 

When using this feature, you can choose between vertical, horizontal, and spherical panorama types. Vertical panoramas capture the full 180° view in front of the drone in 30 megapixels with a 1:3 aspect ratio. Horizontal panoramas capture a 180° wide landscape in 36 megapixels with a 1:4 aspect ratio that is centered vertically at the horizon. Spherical type captures the photo in a 360° immersive panorama in 72 megapixels. It stitches together a shareable image that can be viewed in 360° interactive photo viewers. 

Left: Vertical. Top: Horizontal. Bottom: Spherical. Credit:

Low Battery Auto Return

Lastly, a “Low Battery Auto Return” toggle has been added to the Return To Home (RTH) settings menu. When enabled, the drone will return home automatically when the battery level becomes low. 

Holiday Promotion

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