Cardrona Alpine Resort Literally Strikes GOLD While Building Their New Lift

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She’s a pretty big one – the heaviest found in NZ history. Image: Cardrona Alpine Resort

According to a Cardrona Alpine Resort Press Release, Cardrona staff member Dave Collett found the 3.1kg nugget on Thursday while operating an excavator working to build their new ski lift. This chunk of gold is the heaviest gold nugget ever found in New Zealand, as it beat the previous record of 3.09kg from 1909.

Dave Collett proudly showing the gold nugget he found at Cardona. Image: Cardrona Alpine Resort

This nugget weights 109.35 oz and gold is currently priced at $1222.21, which puts the value of this nugget at $132,980.65. Cardrona Alpine Resort is currently in the process of building New Zealand’s first cabin-style lift on a ski area – the McDougall’s Express Chondola. On Thursday when they found the nugget, construction was halted, but not for long. They have decided to continue building the lift, instead of mining the resort.

“I was helping the boys dig the trench up to the top of the new lift & saw the shimmer. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve worked here for 25 years & never seen anything like this,” says Collett.

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