CDOT Unveils Plan for Vehicle Conveyor on EB I-70 at Eisenhower Tunnel

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CDOT’s continuous flow metering to work in seamless conjunction with continuous flow conveyor system. Image: CDOT

CDOT unveiled their intention to move forward with a newly proposed plan to help relieve congestion of weekend traffic around the I-70 corridor. The plan includes installation of a vehicular conveyor in the right lane on eastbound I-70 in the final four-mile approach to the tunnel.

This stretch of highway is notorious for major backups due to ill-equipped motorists attempting to return to Colorado’s Front Range. By fitting the right lane with an automated surface lift, CDOT believes they have found a cost-effective solution to continue moving vehicles that would otherwise be stuck during inclement weather due to poor tire tread or lack of sufficient fuel levels.

The project will cost taxpayers an estimated $38M, which is cheap compared to the approximately $2B for a high-speed rail line. The center and left lanes will remain in their current condition to allow properly equipped vehicles to maintain their route.

Location of proposed conveyor. Image: Google Maps

Drivers and passengers alike can kick back and enjoy a three-mph ride up the Continental Divide, approximately the same rate all three lanes of traffic move during the problematic afternoons. The lift system will end at the entrance to the tunnel where drivers can then restart their vehicles and continue a downhill drive. Here they are less likely to lose traction, get stuck and block the highway for others on their way back to Denver.

CDOT engineers have been working closely with Vail Resorts who have already implemented similar technology. Vail Resorts has had success with surface-mounted conveyor belts at Avanti and Mountain Top Express lifts at Vail, as well as the Colorado Superchair at Breckenridge to maintain a steady flow of skiers and riders as they approach the oftentimes difficult to load chairlifts.

CDOT borrows their basis of design from Vail Resort’s cutting-edge uphill technology. Image: Vail/YouTube

EpicPix photographers will also be stationed along side the highway to capture the excitement. This is great news for anyone looking to return home with a dope action shot of them getting down behind the wheel to their favorite dubstep banger with a snow-covered, mountain backdrop.

EpicPix get EpicChix!! Photo: Youtube

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8 thoughts on “CDOT Unveils Plan for Vehicle Conveyor on EB I-70 at Eisenhower Tunnel

  1. Thanks! Well Done Fun! It was forwarded to me by another CDOT employee and I will be forwarding it to a family members to see if they “appreciate” it.

  2. Even though the article is fake , trains would make it way easier to get skiers to ski resorts, sun valley Idaho used trains to get visitors to the resort, it worked way back in the beginning why not now ?

    1. Sun Valley used trains to take skiers from CA and the east coast to the resort. Won’t work today. Pay attention.

  3. What a waste of money. Build a train that travels from Denver to Grand Junction along the I-70 corridor. This was proposed over 30 years ago. Europe has used trains to get from major cities to its mountain play grounds for over 150 years. The United States needs to make this happen.

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