Cerro Catedral, Argentina Report: T-Shirt Summit Laps With Some of the Best Views on Earth

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Report from September 5, 2022

by Greg Berkovich

Yesterday I woke up late as we are fully into spring here in Patagonia.
I got to Nubes (the summit chair) around 12:30 pm and decided to get some slush bumps in.
I hit the zipper line right under the lift in my T-Shirt, snow was perfect if getting a bit too soft.
With my confidence built up, I decided to try my luck at Nubes face and although it looked somewhat cut up, the sun had done its magic and it skied amazingly.
Big steep surfy turns were the pick of the day.
I ended up doing 5 Nubes runs top to bottom then skied right down to the car in the big parking lot.
Good times!

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