No Charges for Snowboarder Who Triggered Missoula Avalanche

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House destroyed by the Mount Jumbo avalanche on February 28. photo: Tom Bauer/Missoulian

There will be no charges filed against the Missoula snowboarder who triggered the February 28th slide that ran into a neighborhood. The avalanche occurred on Mount Jumbo, close to the Univeristy of Montana Missoula Campus. The avalanche destroyed the house of an elderly couple, burying them and two neighborhood children. All four were recovered alive but 68-year old Michel Colville died of her injuries.

Mount Jumbo face. photo: Eric Samsoe
Mount Jumbo face. photo: Eric Samsoe

No charges will be filed against the snowboarder on the reccommendation of the Missoula Police Department. The slope where the rider triggered the avalanche was closed to provide a wintering habitat for a local elk herd. The slope was marked with a small sign that was likely covered by blowing snow.

To file trespass charges against the snowboarder it would have to be proved that the snowboarder knowingly violated the law.

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2 thoughts on “No Charges for Snowboarder Who Triggered Missoula Avalanche

  1. wow, montana is bufaeitul. and I could spend all day reading stories of the other cyclists on the adveture cycling website and such cool pictures. I thought you guys were the only crazy ones to be cycling cross-country! love checking in on you, thanks for posting!

  2. sounds to me like someone has some local connections – EVERYBODY in Missoula knows to stay the hell off Mt Jumbo during the winter-early spring. I feel like he is getting away with manslaughter.

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