Chelsea Handler Skis in U.S.-Canadian Patterned Bikini for 48th Birthday in Whistler, Canada

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Chelsea Handler
Comedian Chelsea Handler celebrating her 48th birthday by skiing. | Picture: Chelsea Handler Instagram video screenshot

Comedian and actor Chelsea Handler celebrated her 48th birthday her way: by skiing in a U.S.-Canadian Patterned bikini down the slopes of Whistler, Canada. Handler was born on February 25, 1975, in New Jersey, and the near naked birthday ski in Whistler has become somewhat of a tradition for her. She first came to Whistler for her 38th birthday and has returned every year. This year, Chelsea was lucky to be able to catch some powder runs as a birthday present.  

Chelsea Handler has been skiing in Whistler, Canada for 10 years, reportedly coming every year for Christmas and her birthday week. The 48-year-old has owned a small ski-in/ski-out chalet in Whistler since 2020. She spent two months in Whistler in 2018 to regain her confidence and improve her skiing following a torn ACL she suffered in an accident while skiing in Switzerland. 

Chelsea has been known for her healthy body confidence and has never been afraid to pose naked or near naked for magazines or Instagram pictures. She celebrated her 46th and 47th birthday by skiing in nothing but underwear in Whistler, reportedly dodging ski patrol by filming the stunt three days early in order to avoid detection. 

Chelsea Handler
Happy 48th birthday, Chelsea | Picture: screenshot from Chelsea Handler’s Instagram Video

The comedian said in a recent interview on the Jennifer Hudson Show:

“I’m gonna be 48 and after a while, it’s like, birthdays.. I don’t care, I had all those big birthday parties. I like to ski. My three passions are: reading books, smoking pot, and skiing.”

We hear you, Chelsea! Happy 48th Birthday! 

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