Snowboarder Dressed as Chewbacca Assaulted Ski Resort Manager After Being Told he Was ‘Scaring Kids’

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Snowboarding Chewbacca assaulted ski resort manager. Credit: Twitter

A snowboarder dressed as Star Wars character Chewbacca when he assaulted a manager of Thredbo ski field, Australia, has been jailed for at least one year and four months.

Manager Jordan Roberts approached Keith Melvyn Wass after the resort had received complaints that kids were scared by his Chewbacca costume. Following a verbal disagreement, 54-year-old Wass hit Rogers in the jaw with his snowboard in a ‘vicious and brutal’ attack. Rogers fell to the ground, concussed as three witnesses helped restrain Wass.

Mr. Roberts claims he now experiences Star Wars-induced anxiety whenever he sees the popular franchise or related merchandise. In addition, after enduring nearly twelve months already, he faces ongoing dental work, required stitches around his mouth, and continues to suffer insomnia.

Chewbacca, colander,
Mr. Wass at court with a colander on his head. Credit: APNews

Wass pleaded guilty to recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Wass, a ‘Pastafarian,’ attended court wearing the usual colander on his head as per the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. His defense lawyer argued that his behavior on the ski slopes was due to his significant mental health disorders. One psychiatric report suggests he has schizophrenia. The judge disagreed, claiming he reacted badly to what he believed was an ‘interference with his ability to live his life as he should.’

Wass was granted exceptional circumstances in sentencing due to his mental health. As a result, he will be first eligible for parole on October 17, 2022.

Thredbo is a village and ski resort in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, situated in a part of the Snowy Monaro Regional Council and has been operated by Event Hospitality and Entertainment since 1987. It is about 500 kilometers (310 mi) south of Sydney, accessible by the Alpine Way via Cooma, Berridale, and Jindabyne. The village is built in the valley of the Thredbo River, also known as the Crackenback River, at the foot of the Ramshead Range.

Thredbo trail map

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