Chicks Who Rip | K2 MissFits in Murren, Switzerland

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Last year, K2 sent three of their best skiing and looking female athletes, McKenna Peterson, Pip Hunt and Amie Engerbretsen, to Murren, Switzerland to ski big, bold and burly lines.   While there the ladies encountered high avalanche danger, deep pow, manky slush and wind buff but made the most of it all.

The ripping trio of K2 Athletes
The ripping trio of K2 Athletes

This winter McKenna and Pip and several others will be taking skills and knowledge learned in Switzerland on an all girls Expedition to West Greenland.  There they will document glacial recession and take the opportunity to ski first descents everyday.  Check out more about their expedition on their Facebook Page “Shifting Ice + Changing Tides”

The whole Shifting Ice + Changing Tides Crew
The whole Shifting Ice + Changing Tides Crew

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3 thoughts on “Chicks Who Rip | K2 MissFits in Murren, Switzerland

  1. Amie Engerbretsen did it wrong in Utah 3 days ago. She was completely buried
    in an avalanche she triggered. Luckly the photographer and 3 others dug her out
    within 5 minutes and she is uninjured. (see Snowbrains article here dtd 12-12-13)

    To her credit she very candidly described, in public,the mistakes and lessons that
    we can learn from this accident.

    1. Heck, same girl!? Or at least from that same group. hmmm.

      No need to point fingers. In my past over a two year period are two near-misses similar to what Amy experienced/witnessed. Best free education I could have received.

      Her write up is good as well.

      [OT: Thanks Miles for maintaining the diversity and high standard here in general]

  2. Wow, after triggering that first small slab jumping off a small feature, they kept skiing the same slope, triggered a second, then a bigger third slab over a convex?

    Uneducated/unaware people reading need to know that is not a good example from people who are probably viewed as role models. They are doing it wrong.

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