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That’s right Ladies and Gents, we at would like to give a warm welcome to latest addition to the SnowBrains Family: CycleBrains and SwellBrains.  You’ve seen the Swell Saturdays and the Cycle Sundays…well now you’ll be seeing a lot more content from both fields.  We give you: Children of the Brain

Mountain Bike and Swell Brains

As we roll away from winter and into summer here in the northern hemisphere we will be providing you with condition updates, news, and general shenanigans from our two favorite summer past times: mountain biking and surfing.  We will have condition reports from various bike parks including Whistler and Northstar, as well as trip reports from both disciplines.

Fear not, we will continue to report on the snow of the south, with updates from New Zealand, Australia, and South America.  These Children of the Brain are just another source of action sports entertainment, a little fuel for your fire to get ya stoked and out doors.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

We are still in the initial phase of getting these bad boys up and running, so at the moment the content is a little sparse (which also means some links might be broken, so bug Eric by posting a comment or shooting us an email with what isn’t working for you!)

Want to help us get things going?  Have photos from an epic surf trip you want to share?  Shoot us an email here and we would love to share your story!

We hope you’ll like the latest additions to


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5 thoughts on “Children of the Brain | Introducing CycleBrains and SwellBrains

  1. Rock brains? Add some climbing content and you’ll have me hooked… if you don’t already.

    1. Ah, my buddies said the same. RockBrians is taken. I’ll find something that works. Seems like a logical fit. thanks.

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