China’s Rapidly Growing Ski Industry

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China has become the new kid on the block in the ski and snowboard world, and they are determined to achieve recognition during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. China’s successful bid to host the Winter Olympics has helped set off the rapid growth of China’s ski industry.

The Chinese government has made quite an effort to encourage participation in winter sports. Their goal is to have 300 million snow sport participants in China. The Chinese Ski Association has teamed up with the International Ski Federation in order to promote the ‘Get into Snow Sports’ China program. This program aims to achieve the 300 million participant goal by creating ski and snowboard lessons customized for the Chinese population.

All of the efforts put into the Chinese ski market are paying off. Within the last few years, the amount of skiers and ski resorts in China has raised substantially. According to the China Ski Industry White Book, there are 742 ski resorts and 13.2 million skiers in the country.

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China’s investment in the growth of its ski industry is also driven by the hope to increase the country’s chance of medaling in the Winter Games. China has not shown fantastic results in the previous Winter Games, but it hopes to change this in 2022.

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