Church Hopes to Reopen Mount Shana Ski Area in Newfoundland, Canada

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Church Hopes to reopen ski slope
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The Mount Shana ski area in Newfoundland, Canada hopes to reopen a few runs this winter. Mount Shana has been closed since 2003, and was gifted to the pastor of the new church by the former owner in 2016.

Mount Shana ski area had two T-bars and seven runs when the slopes closed.

The new Baptist pastor, Darren Dinsmore, arrived establishing a new colony of dedicated skiers in 2016 and as an enthusiastic skier, was gifted the slopes from the former owner. Since then, Pastor Dinsmore has led teams of hundreds of people who had previously skied there and helped to clear brush from trails. The Pastor is determined to have a couple of runs open this winter!

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