City of Juneau Board Approves Purchase of $2 Million Gondola for Eaglecrest Ski Area, AK

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Eaglecrest Resort, AK. Credit: Resort Facebook

Eaglecrest ski area located in Juneau, Alaska, has been looking to upgrade its operations with a new gondola system. The resort plans to either replace a current lift, the Ptarmigan, which has been in place since the area’s founding in 1975 or supplement it with a new Gondola. The latter would allow the area to access more terrain. By adding a new gondola, system management hopes to better the resort’s experience and increase tourism.  

Recently the General Manager, Dave Scanlan, has located a high-speed gondola in Austria for $2 Million. While the gondola is currently in use, the current area is planning on dismantling it. Scanlan is pushing the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) Assembly Members to quickly take action before the gondola finds a new home. 

There are endless possibilities that the gondola could bring Eaglecrest. According to Scanlan, this gondola is what they have been looking for to improve the resort. It’s a high speed and has the capabilities to make a midway stop. Investing in the gondola will most likely bring in more revenue for the resort as well as the city. 

The CBJ Assembly Members just voted in favor of moving ahead with purchasing the gondola. The vote passed 5-4. Some assembly members remained concerned that it is a rushed decision. They are also concerned with the installation of the gondola eating into the summer tourism season in the area. However, Scanlan assures that once the new gondola is in place revenue in both summer and winter tourism seasons will increase. 

Community members have also weighed in in support of the purchase. Like Scanlan, they hope to increase tourism revenue as well as enjoy the new lift’s services. 

While investing and installing the new system will cost a few million both the community and majority of CBJ Boards agree it’s an investment that will better the area. 

 “And this is the least expensive way that we can ensure the future of Eaglecrest.” Assembly Member Wade Bryson stated

Eaglecrest Ski Area
Eaglecrest Ski Area; image:

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  4. I listened to the Assembly meeting and they actually took a phase approach and only agreed to move forward on the first phase of the purchase. Final decision will come in a month or two after the dollar figures are refined and presented once again to the Assembly.

  5. What are you talking about, upgrades are made at ski areas all over the place all the time. The article is about a town hill getting a new lift, and you turn it into yelling into the void about politics. Does it just suck being you?

  6. A rare great state in the US where you can get things done and improve a resort without bringing all the crazy mislead, misguided democrats to stop your every move.

    Very few of these great states left in our country. I’m sure the lefties will flee their screwed up cities like SF and continue to work remotely while they slowly turn once great states into the screwed up cities they fled. Sad trend.

    Why couldn’t the bay stay in the bay?!!

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