VIDEO: Climate Conscious Skiers Produce Ski Film Without the Use of Any Gas Guzzling Vehicles

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A road-trip is the ultimate in American freedom. Combine that with the beauty and simplicity of skiing and there’s nothing better. We all love to watch and be inspired by the movies of Warren Miller whilst we plan our own road-trips.

However, cars, and helicopters, snowmobiles and international flights, all have two things in common: They burn a ton of fuel and are used to film damn near every ski film you’ll ever see.

And that’s alarming to pro skiers Greg Hill and Chris Rubens writes TGR.

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Pedal power! The duo halved their carbon footprint for the making of this film. Credit: Salomon TV

In the newest short film from Salomon TV, “The Curve of Time,” Rubens and Hill decided to put their climate concern into action. They ditched all their gas-powered vehicles in favor of bike, foot, and battery powered travel to embark on a 2,500-miles ski trip to six of the biggest volcanoes in the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest.

With a commitment to electric travel, to cutting back on air travel and to reducing their CO2 emissions in their daily lives (Hill and Rubens reduced the amount of meat they eat daily) the duo halved their annual carbon footprint while still managing to embark on a great adventure.

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