Coca-Cola is The World’s Largest Plastic Polluter Again

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2018 Break Free From Plastic Audit

Break Free From Plastic has recently concluded that Coke is the largest plastic polluter in the world. In North America, Nestle, Solo Cup, and Starbucks were the next largest polluters and all added together didn’t equal to them amount of plastic pollution produced by Coke.

The study was completed by 72,000 volunteers in 51 countries around the globe. Break Free From Plastic is a global movement started in 2016 dedicated to seeing a world free of plastic pollution. The volunteers collected plastic from local parks and beaches and sorted the trash by brand, material, and local recyclability. These studies are being conducted to reveal how much single-use plastic the top polluters are using and set public goals for recycling. Many organizations are hoping to find a new product delivery system entirely for products that currently use single-use plastics.

The plastic polluting the Earth is dangerous for its future and the people inhabiting it. Besides larger plastics filling our oceans and the landscape, microplastics are an issue as well since they can spread very easily. These plastic particles have been found on mountain peaks far from civilization and even right inside the human body.

Plastic Sorting

Break Free From Plastic and a multitude of other organizations strive to collect as much data as they can to hold these high polluting companies to some sort of standard. In the meantime, these organizations are striving for a plastic-free future by finding new ways to package and deliver products. To help the cause always use reusable products for shopping and dining and ensure proper recyclingWith only about nine percent of plastics being recycled properly, there is still a lot to research and develop on so we can be a worldwide force.

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