Hurricane Dorian: 15 Bricks of Cocaine Wash Up on Florida Beaches

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Hurricane Dorian, florida, cocaine
Credit: KYTX-TV

Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas and has brought intense wind and rain to the Florida coastline. And it has also deposited something a little more unexpected on the beaches – bricks of cocaine.

Police said the suspicious deliveries have started to show up on Florida beaches in the wake of the deadly storm, reports CBS. A beachgoer near Paradise Beach Park, Melbourne saw one of the bricks wash ashore and reported it to the police. Officer say the package was “wrapped in a way that is consistent with a kilo of illegal drugs,” CBS affiliate KYTX-TV reports.

“By the time it was weighed and done, it was a lot. There were 15 bricks,” police said.

Police tested the substance and confirmed the package was cocaine. Written on the outside of the brick was a word beginning with “DIAMANT.” Just a few hours before, police said another 15 kilos of cocaine washed ashore on the close-by Cocoa Beach. The packages, with of value of over $300,000 are currently under investigation.

Hurricane Dorian, now classified as a Category 2 hurricane, was slowly making its way up the Southeast coast yesterday, battering much of Florida with strong winds and heavy rain.

In the Bahamas, parts of the nation of low-lying islands are in ruins with at least 7 reported dead.

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