Cody Townsend’s Favorite Mountain Ranges to Ski

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Chugach Range, AK. Credit: Miles Clark/SnowBrains

Cody Townsend has skied all over the world. From downhill ski racing to legendary freeskier to his latest project The Fifty, Cody has pretty much seen and done it all on skis.

But what are his favorite mountain ranges to ski? This was one of many topics discussed in a recent SnowBrains podcast interview with Miles Clark. And the answer is right here in North America, in his backyard. These are Cody’s favorite mountain ranges…

The 4,000-mile region among the west coast of North America, so pretty much starting from here in Tahoe in the Sierra all the way up to Alaska. I love traveling north to south among them. The west coast of North America, I haven’t found any place like it.

– Cody Townsend

The Cascades of Washington

Washington is a secret – it’s insanely good. Absolutely some of the best skiing in the world.

El Dorado Peak, North Cascades, WA. photo:

The Coastal Range of British Columbia

Cascade Mountains, BC

Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada, CA from the air. Credit: New York Times

The Mountains of Alaska

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Chugach Range, Alaska. Credit: Red Bull

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