Collision At Whistler Mountain Resort, BC Leaves 11-Year-Old Girl Injured

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11-Year-Old Injured At Whistler|

Carolyn Bachler was skiing with her friends on a multi-use trail at Whistler, BC, when a man slammed into her, skiing over her face. The 11-year-old and her friends stated there was plenty of room on the trail for the man to avoid them. The trail the incident occurred on is often used by skiers going to and from their cabins.

The man shouted obscenities at Carolyn after he ran into her injuring the left side of her face. She suffered a mild concussion and a two-inch cut across her left cheek. Carolyn mentioned she had trouble eating and opening her mouth for a number of days.

Whistler has confirmed that they are investigating the incident stating the man’s identity has yet to be confirmed. Carolyn and her father confirmed they were unsure whether the skier intentionally meant to ski into her. However, they are disturbed by the language he used against the children. Her father, Tony Bachler, says he’s relieved his daughter wasn’t badly injured noting the wound is close to her eye and carotid artery.

The psychological trauma from the incident has made Carolyn hesitant to return to the slopes. She believes the man was in his 20s or 30s. The man had an Australian accent, brown or red facial hair, and was wearing an orange jacket and orange skis. Anyone with information is asked to contact Whistler RCMP (604) 932-3044.

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3 thoughts on “Collision At Whistler Mountain Resort, BC Leaves 11-Year-Old Girl Injured

  1. I witnessed a snowboarder purposely put a shoulder into an 8 -9 year old girl when he couldn’t avoid hitting her at Blackcomb. I chased the guy down cat tracks til he stopped a couple hundred feet from the base lodge. When I asked wtf he thought he was doing leaving a kid laid out on the hill after hit & running, four of his teener buddies surrounded me and lifted their boards, threatening to bash me. Popped off my ski’s, lifted one and windmilled it around me. As they walked away, I went right to skier services and asked for a patroller or manager who would help hold this guy until the matter could be dealt with. Not one bit of interest from anyone there. I was astonished and it was the last time I ever visited. Too bad, been going there almost every year since the early 70’s but if that’s how they deal with hit and run perps, they don’t need my business.

    1. that’s insane kids deserve the best on the slopes it’ll mold their idea of the sport.

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