What is with the Recent Spate of Coloradans Getting Close to Moose? Officials Using Social Media Posts to Track them Down

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I wouldn’t get that close if I were you… Credit: Outside Online

On May 4, a man chased a moose onto the median of a busy stretch of highway in Frisco, Colorado and stood next to the obviously agitated animal with his hands in his pockets. A concerned motorist slowed so his passenger could take a photo of the scene.

“It is very evident from the photo that the moose is angry, and the man could easily have been attacked and injured, or possibly killed,” Summit County District wildlife manager Elissa Slezak said in a statement. “It is likely this person does not realize how much danger he put himself in, or maybe he does not care.”

Women feeding moose from her car. Credit: CBS Local

Later that same day, in Summit County, also Colorado, a woman posted a video on Facebook of herself feeding a moose through her car window. A few weeks earlier, a video had circulated of people trying to touch a moose in a Frisco neighborhood, causing the animal to kick at one of the men, according to Outside Online.


People obliviously get too close to things (that can kill them) they shouldn’t all the time. In Yellowstone National Park, they regularly deal with tourists attempting to take selfies of themselves with bison. Bison have injured more people than any other animals in Yellowstone and most people are unaware that bison can run three times as fast as humans.

#MooseSelfie. Credit: CPW

But should we really have to explain that moose, which can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, can run faster than humans, and will defend themselves aggressively if threatened, should be avoided at all costs? You might think it’s cool to go live on Instagram and walk up to a moose, but all you’re really broadcasting to the world is that you’re a moron, in-line for a Darwin Award.

Not forgetting that you’re also providing evidence to the agency that is going to issue you a fine and maybe you’re even recording your own mauling.

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