Colorado 14er Sold!

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Culebra Peak (Photo: Mirr Ranch Group)

An anonymous buyer just bought the Cielo Vista ranch and Colorado’s southernmost 14er, Culebra peak, for an undisclosed price. The peak is the highest privately owned peak in the world and is a part of the Cielo Vista Ranch. The ranch is an incredible property that includes 83,368 acres and deeded ownership to eighteen 13,000′ peaks and one 14er spread over 23 miles of ridge line. Additionally, 80% of the ranch is covered by forest and it is home to Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Bears, Fish and more. Three four-bedroom homes, one three-bedroom home, a two-bedroom cabin, offices, bunkhouses, and barns also sit on the property. Mirr Ranch Group says this is the largest ranch sale in the U.S. in 2017.

“Resplendent with its beautiful forest canopy, miles of creeks, imposing peaks and ridgelines, meadows and aspen groves, it is impossible to fully convey the grandeur of this property. Cielo Vista Ranch is aptly named, translated from the Spanish as View of Heaven.”– Mirr Ranch Group
Cuchilla Alta in the Fall (Photo: Mirr ranch group)
With the purchase of the ranch, the new owners will also gain control of the ranch’s commercial enterprises. In the past, climbers had to purchase a $150 permit from the owners, and were restricted to only Fridays and Saturdays from late June to August. It is unknown if the new owners will change this arrangement. Commercial hunting and fishing tours are also offered.  
Cielo Vista Ranch (Photo: Mirr Ranch Group)
“The profile of the buyer is absolutely ideal. He is one who is a true conservationist and is deeply committed to preserving this national treasure and extraordinary resource. He truly appreciates and embraces the responsibility of ensuring this property remains a reflection of our state’s beautiful landscapes, diverse wildlife and heritage for decades to come.” Jeff Hubbard, Ranch Broker
The truth is that it is very unclear what will happen to the 83,00+ acres.  The buyer is known to value nature and conservation. Whether they will keep the current arrangements for climbing, hunting, and fishing trips. Whatever the case, let’s hope the new owners take good care of the 100+ miles of stream and the forests and mountains that cover the ranch.


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