Colorado Couple Learn Baby’s Gender by Skiing Through Colored Smoke

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In what has to be the most Colorado way possible, a first-time father-to-be learned and revealed that he and his pregnant wife are expecting a baby girl by skiing down Hoosier Pass near Breckenridge, CO and letting off clouds of pink smoke from canisters attached to his ski poles.

Amanda and Greg Day are expecting their first child in July, but when the doctors learned what gender the child was going to be the couple asked not to be told. Instead, the information was given in a sealed envelope.

The envelope was then given to film-maker Dustin Farrenkopf who organized this unique ski day and provided the canisters that let off the pink smoke across the snow.  It wasn’t until Greg set off the cannister at the top of the slope that he realized he was going to be the father of a baby girl. His wife Amanda stood at the bottom and saw it too.

Greg and his buddies then skied down the mountain with a trail of pink smoke billowing behind them to Amanda who was waiting with more friends.

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