Colorado Conditions Report: Fluffy Snow & Long Lines Today

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I feel a bit like a broken record. Yet another spectacular bluebird day in the Colorado backcountry.

Left my house at 4:25am and picked up Jamie. Then quickly headed down to South Boulder, to grab a pair of skis and skins from a friend. My skis had a fairly catastrophic break. The second time with the same pair of skis. Won’t be getting them again.

2013-11-03 20.52.13-2Catastrophic Failure. [Photo: Aaron Rice]

Skis in hand (well, trunk) we headed up to clear creek county. We were skinning by 6:15, right as the sun was rising.

2013-11-07 06.49.21Sun peaking out. [Photo: Aaron Rice]

We skinned up at a moderate pace. I was certainly the one slowing us down. I had forgotten how much of a difference Dynafit bindings make. I was on an old pair of Naxos.  Technically a free pivot, but it is still very heavy and the pivot point is about 4 inches in front of the toe of the boot. The heavy gear along with a hard PT session last night, and needless to say I was dragging.

2013-11-07 08.41.49Bluebird, 25°, and some wind. [Photo: Aaron Rice]

When we finally hit the ridge we weren’t sure how the snow quality would be. It was a bit variable on the way up. When we dropped though it was amazing! The snow was fluffy and fun. We were worried about a dust on crust scenario, but it was far from it.

Jamie dropped first and I was able to snag Garuka Bar shot 5 of 6. huh

2013-11-07 08.36.59Garuka Bar 5 of 6. [Skier: Jamie Seiffer, Photo: Aaron Rice]

He then made some beautiful powder turns to about halfway down.

2013-11-07 08.37.15Jamie making tight and deep pow turns! [Skier: Jamie Seiffer, Photo: Aaron Rice]

The snow was a bit more firm on the second half of the slope. I led the way and opened it up a bit.

2013-11-07 08.40.14Letting the skis do the work. [Photo: Aaron Rice]

All in all a great morning! And we were back in boulder at 10:30 for work.

2013-11-07 08.41.57Doesn’t get much better than that[Photo: Aaron Rice]

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