Colorado Governor Extends ‘Stay at Home’ Order by Two More Weeks AT LEAST

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Jared Polis, colorado,
Jared Polis addressed the state yesterday.

During an unprecedented televised live speech, Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced last night he is extending the state’s stay at home order by a further two-weeks, until at least April 26th.

“The reason for the April 26 date is simple: because the data and the science tells us that staying at home is our best chance, our only realistic chance, to avoid a catastrophic loss of life — the deaths of thousands of our friends, our neighbors, our family members,” Polis said.

During a speech on 25th March, Polis ordered all Coloradans to ‘stay-at-home’ with immediate effect and lasting until 11th April in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus. He claimed that Colorado’s mountain communities are ‘ground zero’ in the pandemic, and requested that President Trump declare Colorado a major disaster.

Yesterday he urged citizens to continue making sacrifices to keep the coronavirus from spreading out of control, and that he is aware of the anger and frustration among many, especially those directly affected economically by the stay at home order.

A crowded park in Denver last weekend. Photo by CBS.

Crowds of people were seen in Cheeseman Park in Denver on Sunday despite the stay at home order and social distancing protocols. CBS Denver shared photos and social media posts illustrating the lack of compliance by many people in park and trail parking lots spread throughout Denver.

There have been over 5,100 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Colorado and 150 deaths. Health officials claim that up to 18,000 Coloradans may have been infected since the first cases were reported on March 6th.

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