Colorado Man is Second to Lose life in hunt for Buried Treasure

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Treasure has some people putting their lives in danger in the wilderness of the Rockies (Photo: Forrest Fenn)

A modern day treasure hunt has taken a sad turn as two people have now lost their lives in this unusual quest for riches. It all started when art dealer and former air force pilot, Forrest Fenn, revealed in his self-published 2010 novel, “The Thrill of the Chase”, that he had buried a lockbox full of about 2 million dollars worth of gold, gems, and artifacts. The clues to the whereabouts of the treasure are hidden in a 24 verse poem that is included in the memoir.

There’s a map inside that poem! (Photo: National Treasure)

Mr. Fenn has also stated that the Treasure is located in the Rocky Mountains and at least 5000 feet above sea level, in an area that an 80-year-old would not have trouble accessing. Fenn estimates that over 65,000 people have joined the search for his treasure.

Forrest Fenn (Photo: Forrest Fenn)

Unfortunately, last Sunday New Mexico authorities found the body of Paris Wallace, a Colorado Pastor who had joined the hunt. This is the second time someone searching for Mr. Fenn’s treasure has died. More than a year ago Randy Bilyeu disappeared while searching for the treasure, his remains were found in the Rio Grande seven months later. Following the most recent death Pete Kassetas, chief of the New Mexico state police, joined Bilyeu’s widow, Linda, in calling for an end to the treasure hunt. Despite this, Mr. Fenn has no intention to put an end to the search. Although, he is now considering modifying it.

“I am thinking of ways to make my search safer, and expect to make an announcement in the next few days” – Forrest Fenn

Should Fenn put an end to his treasure hunt? Will anyone ever find his treasure? Does it even exist? There are no witnesses to Mr. Fenn’s creation of the treasure; the entire hunt is based on his word and the clues provided in his poem and memoir. Whether or not the treasure is real or fake, ethical or not; it is interesting.

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One thought on “Colorado Man is Second to Lose life in hunt for Buried Treasure

  1. The joke on everyone is that it’s in a bank box somewhere.. The puzzle will have you going back to Fenn for the answer & to get the key from him.. he’s laughing at all the city rubes out there dying in the wilderness without any cell phone connections.. but then consider that the avg U.S. worker will probably not make 2 mil in their lifetimes, and that’s 40 yrs at 50k per year, minus taxes & (by then) a dozen other deductions.. minus annual living expenses, so lucky to accumulate even 200k of that, or 10% – and of course “God” wants that, so you’re work 40 yrs, end up broke, but yer church rakes in millions, lol..

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