VIDEO: Colorado Meteorologist Disagrees With Farmers’ Almanac | Here’s His Prediction…

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On Monday the Farmers’ Almanac released its eagerly-awaited winter outlook for the upcoming season. And while we all look to it to anticipate how snowy our season will be, not everyone agrees with it.

FOX31/CH2 Meteorologist Chris Tomer says the outlook is not what he is predicting for Colorado this winter.

“This winter will not be like last winter. El Nino ruled the pattern last winter with warmer than normal water in the south pacific near the equator.  That’s changing. In fact, we’re going into what we call a “neutral phase” where the water is cooling down. That pushes the southern branch of the jet stream up, brings down the polar jet a little bit more, so the two are going to be running very close–  see-sawing this winter”, shared Meteorologist Chris Tomer.

So what does this mean for Colorado?

“That makes the area of wet and warm thinner but I still think parts of Colorado are going to fall within that area of green. If we zoom in on Colorado for this winter, I think parts of the central and southern mountains will be snowier than normal and also warmer than normal.”

So, who knows what will happen? Maybe we just wait and see and enjoy whatever Mother Nature throws at us…

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