Colorado Putting Up New Signs to Remind Motorists to Share the Road with Bikes

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June is bike month in Colorado. Credit:

With the warmer weather and more bikes on the road, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Bicycle Colorado are set out to remind drivers of the “three-foot” law.

The “three-foot” law states that motorists must give at least three feet of clearance between their car’s widest part and any bike’s widest part.

To raise awareness, signs will be installed on state roadways to remind drivers to share the road with bicycles. The signs will be installed as part of current road construction or a sign replacement project.

What the signs look like. A violation of the law is a class A traffic infraction. Credit:

Studies have shown that these regulatory signs are very effective at increasing safety. Ultimately, both bikes and cars have the legal right to be on the road and it is the driver who has the responsibility of passing safely.

Motorists are allowed to cross a double yellow line to pass a bicyclist as long as it is safe to do so. Other reminders in addition to the three-foot rule include avoiding distractions while driving and being aware of bikes at all times.

The statute also says that drivers cannot drive unnecessarily or carelessly toward or near a bicyclist. Furthermore, anyone who knowingly projects an object or substance at a bicyclist commits a Class 2 Misdemeanor.

Bicyclists are reminded to wear a helmet, follow the rules of the road, ride single file, use hand signals, and wear reflective clothing at night.

It has long been a debate on how well cars and bikes can comingle on the roads. Hopefully, all users can be amicable and safe, no matter how they choose to transport themselves.

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35 other states also have a similar law in place to make the road safer for all users. Credit:

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