Colorado Search and Rescue Team “Crippled” After $10,000 Theft of Their Equipment

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Training Day for the Rampart SAR crew. Credit: Rampart Search and Rescue

A Colorado Search and Rescue Team has started a GoFundMe to raise funds to replace the $10,300 worth of equipment they had stolen before Christmas.

The Rampart Search and Rescue had equipment and belongings stolen after a thief broke into their storage unit early on December 14, 2020, on Huron Street in Northglenn, CO.

Chief David Haskin says that the theft has “crippled” his team, which comprises more than thirty volunteers.

“We’ve got a bike team. We’ve got a K-9 team. We’ve got a drone team. We can do heat sinking and find missing people that way as well. Because we [now] don’t have this equipment, we cannot be out there 100%, and trying to find somebody that is lost or somebody that is hurt and injured, we cannot help them.”

– Chief David Haskin

The non-profit has insurance but is capped at $5,000. Combined with the fact that they did not have photos of the equipment to help their case, they turn to the community to help replace the equipment.

During the early morning hours of, 12/14 our Public Storage Unit was broken into and various search and rescue equipment was stolen. The total loss amounts to approximately $10,300.

We are an all-volunteer force and pay out of pocket for our own gear, this loss greatly impacts us. We are asking for donations to help replace our lost equipment in order to keep us mission ready.

*All donations go directly to Rampart’s 501(c)(3) charity*

More information about Rampart Search & Rescue, Inc: 

Rampart Search and Rescue is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that provides urban search and rescue on a county level. We are the only county Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team in the state. 

Our rescue team has been providing search and rescue services for more than 20 years, providing professional search and rescue services for Adams and Lincoln counties here in Colorado.

We work closely with; Police Departments, Sheriff, and Office of Emergency Management to fulfill several statutory responsibilities regarding search and rescue in Colorado.

Our specialties include urban search and rescue, rescue stranded motorists during adverse winter weather and respond to disasters natural or man-made.

We do not charge for our services. 

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