Colorado Ski Resorts Facing Employee Shortage

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With ski season rapidly approaching, resorts are planning out the essential resources to make this ski season like no other. Unfortunately, Colorado ski resorts are facing an unexpected scarcity of employees. As thousands of positions remain unfilled, resorts are becoming frantic to hire employees in time for ski season.

Colorado has had an exceptional fall with cold temperatures and snowfall within the past few weeks. With the expectations for the 2021-2022 winter being met, it is essential Colorado ski resorts receive the help they need to regulate the crowds. Sadly, with the current employment conditions, several resorts will be unable to run at full capacity during the ski season, according to The Denver Channel.

“We’re probably looking for a few hundred or more people to hire before the season, so we’re certainly behind.”

– Sam Bass, the marketing director for Eldora Mountain, told The Denver Channel.

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Bass explains that 113 companies hosted a virtual jobs fair on Thursday to fill 8,000 vacant positions. Sam Bass says Eldora has raised the starting position wage to $15, $2.68 over Colorado’s $12.32 minimum wage. Besides wage negotiation and job fairs, many ski resorts are reaching out to neighboring towns to advertise their positions.

The shortage of employees is not just a problem within Colorado ski resorts but several industries in the United States. The low employment rates facing the US are credited to COVID-19. The unpredictability, surrounding restrictions, and financial uncertainty have left several businesses failing to convince workers to return.

¬†Although ski resorts face uncertain measures as of now, organizers are staying optimistic. “We’re gonna make it a good season,” says Bass.

PC: Breckenridge Ski Resort via Facebook

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