Colorado Snowpack ‘at the Lowest or Second Lowest Levels on Record’

Steven Agar | | WeatherWeather
colorado, record, low, snowpack
Western U.S. % of normal mountain snowpack by basin. Credit: NRCS

The NWS just posted disappointing news on their CO focussed¬†Facebook page. If you didn’t realize how poor this winter is, then let them enlighten you…

Latest NRCS News Release for Colorado: “Dry conditions persist…Nearly one quarter of the almost 200 snow monitoring sites across our network recorded snowpack at the lowest or second lowest levels on record… With nearly one third of the typical winter season remaining, a major shift in weather patterns will be needed to make significant improvements, particularly in Southern Colorado.

colorado, record, low, snowpack
Modeled snow depth across Colorado today and a year ago. Credit: NRCS

There’s still time for the weather to change, but it’s not looking good right now.¬†

Put your trail maps in the freezer, burn your skis, sacrifice to Ullr or even do a naked snow dance. Whatever superstition you have to bring snow, do it and show us pics!

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Snowpack ‘at the Lowest or Second Lowest Levels on Record’

  1. Forget superstition. Do your snow dances on the fracking wells. Keep it in the ground. Shut it down. Protect our winters.

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