Colorado Springs Woman Risks Herself and Child to “Rescue” Wild Bobcat

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The scene that greeted CO Parks and Wildlife officer, Sarah Watson | Courtesy photo

Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued several reminders on social media today and yesterday stemming from a wildlife rescue incident involving an adult woman, a child and an injured bobcat.

An unidentified Colorado Springs female reportedly encountered the wounded bobcat and then placed the beast in rear compartment of an SUV vehicle– which also contained her child.

bobcat, colorado,
The bobcat was badly injured when found by a CO mother and child | Courtesy photo

“She was lucky. NEVER PICK UP WILD ANIMALS” — Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweet

Officer Sarah Watson responded to the call and reported finding an unrestrained wild bobcat in the back of an SUV under a blanket. A child’s car seat was just feet away.

The bobcat, an adult male, was alert and agitated as Officer Watson used a catch pole to secure it. During removal, the animal struggled and swiped at Watson with its front claws but it was clear that the animal was too weak for aggression.

bobcat, colorado,
Serious injury or no, wild bobcats are dangerous | Courtesy photo

Upon examination, Watson observed the estimated 25-pound bobcat’s rear legs to be paralyzed, an injury that prevented it from reacting violently to being picked up and placed in a car.

“No one should EVER try this. This could have been tragic.” –Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweet

Officer Watson humanely euthanized the mortally injured animal.

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