Does Colorado Have its First Wild Wolf Pups Since the 1940s?

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Earlier this year, two wolves were spotted in Northern Colorado. They were thought to be confirmed bachelors wandering south from Wyoming and were given the numbers M2101 and M1084.

Now Colorado Parks and Wildlife has determined that one of the wolves is a female and that they are likely a breeding pair with their den in Colorado. The darker wolf pictured below is now technically known as F1084. Still, since they have become Colorado residents, they deserve proper names, so I’d like to officially welcome John and Jane Wolf to Colorado.

Credit: Facebook

They might have some pups, typically born in April or May, back in their den. If so, they are the first wolf pups born in the wild in Colorado since the 1940s.

Of course, one breeding pair can’t sustain a healthy population, but Colorado voters recently approved the reintroduction of wolves to our ecosystem, which will help John and Jane’s pups have genetically diverse potential mates to choose from when they grow up.

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