Colorado Woman Climbs All 12er, 13er & 14er Peaks In CO | 1 OF 7 People EVER

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Alyson Kirk and husband John Kirk (top middle) joined by friends o top of “Peak 9” to celebrate Alyson’s last summit over 12,000Ft in CO.

Alyson Kirk of Lakewood Colorado is now one of 7 people to ever climb all 1,313 of Colorado’s peaks that stand over 12,000 feet tall.  She is the second woman to do so. Kirk summited Peak 9 this last week on Sunday September 17, 2017 with friends and celebrated her accomplishment.

Kirk’s name is now listed along with her husband John.


  • Mike Garratt (unknown)
  • Ken Nolan 9-7-2003
  • Jack Dais 8-29-2004
  • Teresa Gergen 7-10-2010
  • Kirk Mallory 7-22-2016
  • John Kirk 9-11-2016
  • Alyson Kirk 9-17-2017
Alyson Kirk, 9/17/2017

“It was not too long ago when I climbed my first 14er – Mt. Massive. It only took that one summit to turn my life into a peak bagging frenzy this past decade.  Despite the long drives, lack of sleep, lack of showers, miles of suffering, endless elevation gain, deadfall, bushwhacking madness, dodging lightning and hail, and trying to not get eaten by a bear, I still wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world.”- said Alyson Kirk in an interview with Denver Fox News 31

Alyson Kirk hugging fellow peak bagger and the first woman to complete the peaks over 12, Teresa Gergen.

Colorado has 1,313 Peaks in total over 12,000 Feet:

676 = 12,ooo Foot Peaks

584 = 13,000 Foot Peaks

 53 = 14, 000 Foot Peaks 

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